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Making a tv spot with ai

Updated: Apr 10

Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology that has captured the attention of a wide audience, although not everyone is completely sure how to take full advantage of it. Numerous examples illustrate its capabilities, such as generating images from text. Recently, the creation of songs by famous artists using AI has been highlighted, some of which are considered superior to the original compositions.

Today I want to present to you a specific case of the application of artificial intelligence in the advertising field. A client requested a fresh, novel approach to a video already filmed. On this occasion, the most agile and effective solution was the intervention of a video through the use of artificial intelligence to give it the appearance of illustration. The result obtained the approval of both the client and the agency.

Artificial intelligence is an impressive tool, but it is essential to understand how to make the most of it. Thanks to my experience accumulated over the years in the field of advertising, I can assist you in the execution of your project without the need for you to invest time researching the use of Artificial Intelligence tools.

Cliente at Guatemala: Honda

Agency: Peter Jordan

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