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3D Generalist

Thanks to over a decade and a half of experience, I have gained knowledge about my clients' requirements, which allows me to develop tailor-made projects that meet their needs.

Portfolio of services


Character animation

From a drawing or a concept, the character model is created, textures are applied, and body and facial riggings are made. In addition to characters, I can also produce short films and animated series, such as the Youtube animated series Farlee & Friends, in which I directed and produced 10 animated episodes.

Watch here Farlee & Friends

vfx shakalaka.png

VFX & Motion Graphics

With over a decade of commercial production experience, I can create visual effects animations that integrate 3D and real video elements, as well as motion graphics-style animations that blend 2D and 3D elements to enrich videos.

Look here the demoreel of VFX


Architectural rendering

My skills in 3ds max and vray allow me to make high quality architectural renderings. In addition, my knowledge in Unreal Engine 5 allows me to streamline production processes without compromising the quality of the images.


NFT design

I can help you bring your ideas for NFTs or digital collectibles to life, designing them from scratch and creating unique models and renders in images or videos. My approach is based on capturing your original concept with an innovative and personalized design.

Sample of NFTs: Fuchibola


Product shots

To create a "product shot" a 3D scene is recreated, taking care of details like a professional photographer. Virtual camera parameters are adjusted to achieve an image similar to that of a real camera. The values of the material of the product, whether metallic, plastic or glass, are considered to obtain the best result.


Games for Android / iOS

I offer a simple and accessible game creation service, ideal for entertaining children and without requiring complex environments or sophisticated programming. From memory games to interactive comics, I can bring your ideas to life. As an example, I present to you the game Maya & Baktun, available on Android and iOS.

Download here


Books illustrations

If you need static images for magazines or books, I can help you. Based on your description or sketch, I do the necessary modeling and lighting to obtain the best image with excellent quality for printing. I can create realistic or cartoon-style graphics according to your needs.


Video mapping 3D

I can offer my help in the creation of 3D video mappings, where architecture is used as a base to generate immersive animations and not only project videos on a facade. One of my most recent 3D videomapping projects included the inauguration of the herpetarium at the La Aurora zoo in Guatemala.

Videomapping here

These are some of my most outstanding works

Portafolio de proyectos

Dredd fan film VFX shots

Warex Animation
Dredd fan film VFX shots
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Dredd fan film VFX shots
Play Video
La Herencia Cortometraje | Episodio 1 (English Subtitles) |  Guatemala
Play Video
Farlee and Friends | Christmas Special 🎄
Play Video
La Herencia tema musical
Play Video
Hills - Milo una historia de amor
Play Video
Meow Song | Pin Pun Pan Kids | Kitty Song
Play Video
Trick or Treat | Pin Pun Pan Kids | Halloween Special Part 1 Animation Cartoon
Play Video
River sequence, VFX for The Chronicles of Narnia
Play Video
Cair Paravel castle for Chronibles fo Narnia
Play Video
Reel VFX - Animación 3D Guatemala
Play Video
Animaciones Tito Jugueton - Cemaco - Animación 3d Guatemala
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Fluid simulation - Animación 3d Guatemala - cartoon animation for kids
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